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VC AIR Eyeglasses

Engineered for superior performance, the VC AIR Eyeglasses create a perfect unity of purist designs and ultra-light frames. Discover the world of constant clarity and innovation and bring out your true personality with these full rimmed styles crafted for the unique and the inquisitive!

Extremely comfortable and stylish, these eyeglass-frames are made with pliable TR-90 material. Highly convenient for use by men and women with an active lifestyle, the range includes spunky and trendy colours and patterns on the temples for an unparalleled appeal.

VC AIR Sunglasses

The VC Air Sunglasses Collection is a revolution to constantly inspire and surprise the wearer! These light-weight sunglasses are chic, stylish and ideal for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities and love basking in the sun. These are crafted to give you an uncompromising performance in harsh settings.

The futuristic designs of these sunglasses and a gamut of colours to choose from, make these a perfect performance sunglass. Great for outdoor endeavours, these are designed with durable polycarbonate material for long-lasting performance.

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