Clubmaster sunglasses

Clubmaster Sunglasses

Clubmaster sunglasses are the crispiest evidence of fashion revival. Since its inception during the 1950s, this frame type made a stupendous comeback in 2010. A thick brow line over the lens is the characteristic feature of this frame type, resembling the brows over your eyes. With this frame type being adorned by scores of celebrities and stars, clubmaster frames have become one of the hottest trending sunglasses style this year.

As important is keeping up with style, selecting sunglasses in accordance with your face shape is also equally important. Hence, even though clubmasters are a fad, you must be a little considerate of your face shape while picking this frame type for yourself.

Here, we bring a roll of ‘which face shapes’ that can discover the pleasure of this cool frame Style

1. Round face – Because the face shape is round, sunglasses with contrasting angular edges will complement it the best. Therefore, clubmaster frames make an optimum choice for this face shape, and the defining brow line of this frame accentuates the charm of the face even more.

2. Oval face – Really, anything goes with an oval face. The sublime features of this face make any frame type look good on it. Therefore, people with this lucky face shape can confidently sport clubmaster frames and put their fashion game on spot.

3. Oblong – This is a rectangular-shaped face type which would look best with oversized frames. Hence, bigger clubmaster sunglasses would complement this face shape fabulously. Especially, clubmasters with richly coloured brow will enhance the beauty of this face type even more.

Clubmaster for Men and Women

Clubmaster frame type has a vintage feel to it., But now with being available in funky mirrored styles as well, they complement both classic and hipster closet. Men can sport this frame which is both cool and classy with their work attire and blazers. Women, on the other hand, can team these sunglasses with their club or casual outfits. A great way to look noticeable, clubmasters can be a pal on your dates, parties and outings.

Clubmaster sunglasses now online

If going to the market is a pain in the neck for you, switch to online shopping on With all the good brands present online, you can buy this fun frame type now with a click. Scroll through the blinding array of colours and style available in the clubmaster frame and step out in style.

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