Frame Size Guide

How to know your Face Size?

1 Credit Card Method: -
1. Take a Debit/Credit card
This is the approximate width of a medium Eyeglass, Sunglass
2. Stand in front of a mirror.
Place one tip of the card on center of your nose and touch the other towards the edge of eye.
3. Now check the position of the card: -
If card extends beyond the corner of the eye
Size is SMALL
If card roughly touches the corner of the eye
Size is MEDIUM
If card doesn't reach the corner of the eye
Size is LARGE
2 if you've existing eyeglass

You can easily found the size of frame by looking on the inside of your eyeglass temples (arm pieces). Below you'll find a quick guide to helping you identify your eyeglasses.

Lens Width & Frame Size

Frame Size




Below 48 mm

Below 55mm


48 mm- 55 mm

56 mm- 64 mm


Above 55 mm

Above 64 mm

Please note that for some Eyeglasses/Sunglasses the frame size may not follow the above convention
This is the only information you need when ordering your eyeglass or sunglass frames. If you need assistance identifying your frames, feel free to contact and our opticians will be more than happy to help.

3 Simplest method: -

  • Go for a MEDIUM SIZE frame because it suits 98% of Indian faces.
  • If it does not fit, we will pick it up very quickly (no-questions asked) at Zero cost and you will get FULL MONEY BACK.
  • We have shipped over 12 Lac orders and less than 2% people have needed to return.
  • Lot of frames also have Model Shots on Real Faces - these give a very good idea of frame size.
  • Kids less than 10 years must go for Kid Size Frames. Between 10-14 years Kids should go for Small Size Frames.
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