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Polarized Sunglasses

Make your own statement with polarized sunglasses

Sunglasses have become a style statement especially after celebrities have started wearing them so often. The polarized sunglasses are one of the latest trends. offers polarized sunglasses online for men & women. Polarized sunglasses are known for a special filter in them that reduces glare and blocks the reflected light as well. These shades are from the latest collection of sunglasses available at Lenskart.

A stream of styles, including polarized Wayfarer sunglasses, is available at Lenskart at affordable prices. Polaroid sunglasses India online provides a great variety, and are up on sales with great reviews. With all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Ahmedabad ordering polarized sunglasses from Lenskart, make sure you aren?t left out.

Combo of style and protection

These sunglasses are designed for men as well as women to meet the different style & needs.

  • These shades cut the glare and improve visibility & comfort of the wearer
  • The sunglasses also offer 100% protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • The unisex design makes these polarized sunglasses an ideal choice of many

Best online shopping destination

Buy polarized sunglasses at the lowest prices in India at This collection of sunglasses from Lenskart can be bought at a price ranging between Rs.799 and Rs.18,400 also you can check for lenskart coupons or offers for extra discount. Go and pick a pair of these stylish sunglasses today!


Polarized sunglasses are eyewear specially designed to reduce glare formed after the sunlight is reflected back from the flat surfaces like land, water or even cars. These sunglasses work in such a way that they only allow vertical sunlight to pass through while completely blocking the horizontal light. It is these horizontal surfaces that are difficult to manage since the glare produced by the light rays is blinding, making it extremely difficult to carry out certain activities. They come with a built-in laminated filter which helps in blocking out the obstructing horizontal rays. Glare distorts the true colour of objects and makes them hard to distinguish. The polarized unglasses are conducive in maintaining a clearer vision in daylight.

Benefits of buying Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses are definitely beneficial for the user as the protection offered against the almost blinding glare is immense. It very obviously increases the clarity of vision and allows the colours to be seen as they truly exist. Also it benefits by reducing the straining of eyes, they are helpful in the increase in the comfort level of viewing objects.

Amazing uses of Polarized Sunglasses

Apart from the fact that using polarized sunglasses is looked upon as fashionable, it actually has substantial use in work like driving, outdoor activities and even some sports. The sport fanatics absolutely cannot do without these polarized sunglasses especially in games like tennis or golf. While driving, the reflection from the nearby vehicles cause a blinding glare which can lead to serious consequences. Also most of the time the distant objects appear to be hazy and so the repercussions from not protecting your eyes can be hazardous. If in constant use, these polarized sunglasses do offer protection from issues like itching in the eyes, redness, fatigue.

Polarized Sunglasses vs Normal Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses come with this unique ability to reduce glare and reflection. They provide protection against both wind and dust. By neutralizing glare, these sunglasses are extremely helpful because they are able to selectively reduce light reflection by removing the wave lengths produced by light rays. Though higher in price than the rest, they provide safety and comfort like nothing else. These sunglasses most of the time offer good ultra-violet protection depending on the type and range of your polarized sunglasses.

Normal Sunglasses as the name suggests do not have any the ability to filter through horizontal light rays resulting in a blinding glare. These sunglasses end up absorbing all the wave lengths of light rays and therefore there is no elimination. They do not have lamination thus reducing its ability to protect your eyes from outdoor activities. But these normal sunglasses are seen favourably for sports like skiing as snow makes it difficult to differentiate between patches of ice and snow itself. Even in driving, it is considered for night time use and specially recommended for pilots. Incase LCD screens are to be viewed, these normal sunglasses come in handy.

How to test for polarized sunglasses

The easiest way to check polarized sunglasses is to hold two identical pairs in such a way that you can see straight through both. As you turn one pair slowly to ninety degrees, your vision through the second lens should get visibly darker. If the lenses are not actually polarized, you will notice no change.

Polarized Goggles (Men)

Brands available are Oakley, Ray Ban, Carrera, Vincent Chase, Polaroid, John Jacobs, Vincent Chase Polarized, Fossil, Tom Ford, Fast track, Vintage, Baolulai, French Connection, Hugo Boss, Feillis, IDEE, and Vogue.

Price range varies from INR 650 ? INR 20,438

Polarized Sunglasses (Women)

Brands available are Vintage, Polaroid, Ray Ban, Vincent Chase Polarized, Tom Ford, and Vogue.

Price range varies from INR 650 ? INR 20,438

Polarized Sunglasses

What is a polarised lens?

Polarised lenses are coated with tiny vertical stripes that only let in vertically angled light to enter the wearer?s eyes. Glare is carefully eliminated because the horizontal light waves cannot bypass the vertical filter.

Why do we need polarised glasses?

Clean and clear - that?s how we wish to see the world! If any light source begins to interfere with our vision, we surely need assistance.

Glare is a major concern that acts as an obstacle in the path of clear eyesight. Light enters your eye and impedes with your vision. It is extremely uncomfortable. You might squint and look away when you try to see in much bright light. Glare has a disabling effect as it can hurt your vision. You can?t see sharp images since light scatters inside your eye. Glare not only reduces your depth perception but also distorts your view and colour perception. It can even temporarily blind you. Do not be scared! In this situation, the polarised eyeglasses come to your rescue!

Coated with a special chemical film, polarised lenses are capable of reducing the glare. When light from the sun is reflected off water or a solid surface, it causes glare. Polarised lenses enable you to view objects more clearly by neutralising these glares.

You will certainly contemplateon having a pair of polarised sunglasses by your side as far as your health benefits are considered.

It is a fashionable choice for comfort and safety of your eyes. The polarised sunglasses will add magic in the mundane, as you go about your everyday chores, by taking care of your sensitive eyes. Do not forget to carry your polarised sunglasses on a bright sunny day!

Polarized sunglasses are fishermen and boaters? first love. The special coating on the glasses makes it easier to see through the water. The water?s surface simply reflects everything around it. This obliterates the view into the water almost completely. By effectively blocking this reflection polarized lenses allow the wearer to examine the contents of the water in place of the sky.

Eyestrain is one of the ugly side effects of glare. Polarised sunglasses can provide your eyes with immense comfort and you would not have to squint to see clear images. Stressed eyes can give rise to redness, irritation, fatigue and headaches. These uncomforting eye health issues are neutralised with polarised sunglasses. Your eyes need the care and comfort they deserve.

Life is a montage of myriad colours. With polarised shades adorning your eyes, you can witness colours and images like never before. The fine details would mesmerize you. Treat yourself with a clean and crisp vision!

However, not everywhere polarized lenses are appropriate, such as during night driving, flying an airplane, downhill skiing, and viewing LCD screens, these lenses might not be that handy as they usually are. You must also consult your eye health provider if polarised lenses are good for you.

Advantages of polarised sunglasses

  • These glasses help in diminishing the glare of the sun.
  • They provide extraordinarily clear, glare-free vision.
  • You can be assured of safety with polarized sunglasses on while driving a boat or car, and also improving outdoor sports performances.
  • You will be surprised to see how lightweight are polarized sunglasses. You would almost forget you?re wearing them. They also provide excellent coverage and refuge from wind, glare, and dust.
  • These lenses deflect the sunlight in such a way that it is not distracting when you are focusing on other things. This leads to a dramatic reduction in glare and enhances visibility.
  • How polarised glasses make a difference?

    Proper eye care is important during any time of the year. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are extremely damaging to the eyes. It is not an easy chore to choose the proper sunglasses. There are myriad choices available with varied models and styles.

    Polarised sunglasses particularly provide protection from UV rays and are best suited for some particular activities. However, their main advantage lies in their function.

    Well, you do have a great number of reasons for choosing polarised sunglasses!

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