[+] SPH Power

Positive sphere

Since ages, glasses have been used to correct vision. But is this really the scenario today? Most people prefer using contact lenses today.

Contact lenses with positive power are used widely, since it is cumbersome to wear glasses while looking at an object placed very close. Plus, there are higher chances of glasses getting damaged.

With greater options in contact lenses available, there is a more ‘positive’ outlook towards lenses now. Like the new range of ‘+’ spherical glasses by Lenskart, which corrects vision and adds a touch of glamour, too.

Let’s see what Lenskart has to offer.

Lenskart’s Positive SPH (Sphere) collection

LENSKART has the best collection of contact lenses. With a unique range of stylish colours, the online store definitely knows what works in this category.

  • The main features of the collection are:
  • Stylish +SPH contact lenses from multinational brands
  • Different shades of colours to choose from
  • Lenses made of comfortable material that remains moist
  • Affordable and very reasonably priced

Ordering one for yourself

Most users are selective about contact lenses. Lenskart offers the widest range of +SPH contact lenses with positive power.

Don’t wait any longer. Grab them at Lenskart now!

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