The Bewitching Tale of Turquoise Lenses

Considered as an exotic color universally, it is no secret that turquoise is an exquisite hue signifying serenity. The tint of green makes turquoise a very popular variant of the calm aqua shade. Not only is it elegant, but it has also become the most sought-after color. As the emerging trend is to achieve a similar look that is inspired by renowned celebs, the crowd favorite turquoise color can be seen on Jared Leto, Katy Perry and several others. If you love dramatic bold eyes, this is definitely the color for you.

Contact lenses in the turquoise color are powerful and bright, and instantly add the X-factor to any monochromatic outfit. Being quite versatile to match any ensemble, your eyes will look amazing with these turquoise lenses. Now Lenskart brings you the classiest turquoise blue contact lenses in amazing variations.

Try out these turquoise blue lenses

  1. The Turquoise Blue – This is a signature color that will match your ensemble in the most admirable manner. Being a brighter shade of blue, these colored lenses in the turquoise blue shade illuminate the eyes perfectly. They remind us of the beauty of the ocean and are quite fun and uplifting. Available in monthly disposable boxes by Alcon Freshlook Colorblends Color contact lenses, these turquoise blue lenses are truly a match made in heaven. There is no limit to the way how you can style these gorgeous contact lenses. From blonde to the deep browns, these lenses will suit almost all hair colors, highlighting your eyes in the process.
  2. Tricky turquoise – This is an invigorating color, for its effortless way of complementing your natural undertones. Colored lenses in this colour give you the option to experiment with looks and different shades of outfits. Pair these with warm pastels and bold colored ensembles. These colored lenses would turn you into a trendsetter immediately. To complement a mystical blue-eyed look, the key is to choose colors that will add depth and dimension to your eyes. Even though it is the tricky turquoise shade, it is versatile to easily go well with your outfits in white, brown, autumnal tones and even brighter hues. These colored lenses are available as monthly disposables from the Aqualens Colored Contact Lenses collection.

The fad of the colored lenses will not fizzle down any time soon. The perfect eye color can make or break your look. This interesting color has caught everyone’s attention and looks charming with any glamorous attire – from those red carpet gowns to your ethnic ensembles. The turquoise contact lenses will work with pastel hued outfits and even with brighter ensembles. By dominating the fashion market, it is definitely a style statement worth going for. These tantalizing shades of turquoise contact lenses are available at Lenskart at an affordable price range of Rs. 450- Rs. 1000 with festive discounts upto 40 percent.


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