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Half rim Eyeglasses

Under the dilemma of rims

Have you even been in a dilemma? From small to big, confusions do come, whether it may be people or large firms. But usually people now face confusion about whether to buy full rimmed or rimless frames.

But no one thinks in the middle, why not half rimmed glasses?

Vincent Chase has launched its special range of half rimmed frames on Lenskart. With special designs and unique color range to offer, let?s see what Vincent Chase has brought in edition for us.

Features - half rimmed eyewear

Blend of unique style with simplicity, Half Rimmed glasses stand in between the two. They are uniquely chosen by Vincent Chase and classified by Lenskart. Their unique features which define them are:

  • Available in various materials like fiber steel, color steel, flex steel etc.
  • All sizes available to suit your requirements.
  • Bold colors to enhance style effect like black, grey, metallic etc.
  • Simply sophisticated shapes.

Buy it and solve your dilemma

The dilemma of people is usually related to style and features. Vincent Chase has solved this dilemma by providing its range of half rimmed unique set of eyewear. Now, you don?t have to be confused about anything.

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